Top 7 Wellness Tips to a Healthier You

There has been an increase of heart-related diseases, obesity and diabetes cases all over the world. And the numbers continue to grow. With this in mind, we all need to do something about our lifestyle choices. Wellness is nothing more than your small daily choices one after another, which can lead up to very big-life changing results.
You don’t have to be completely physically fit to achieve wellness. You can do it even if you are just at home, working a full-time job, and even if you don’t have a lot of money, time and kitchen skills. Wellness can be affordable and doable for everyone and it can simply start by choosing a healthy lifestyle.
Start treating your body well and try these top 7 wellness tips to a healthier new you:

1.       Eat nutritious food
Ensure that your body gets the right nutrition that it needs. Eating healthy does not necessarily mean that you have to eat plenty of fruits of vegetables. The key is to eat just the right amount to get the balance on point.
Replace bread, rice, pasta, cereals and other starchy food with vegetables. Eat salmon or foods that contain Omega 3 oils.

2.       Maintain a healthy meal/diet
Avoid microwaved food. Always eat a solid breakfast every day that has plenty of protein and fat. Eat meals and snacks regularly.

3.       Exercise daily
Move daily, jog or walk at least 3 times in a week for about 20 to 30 minutes. Exercising can improve your cardiovascular fitness and help keep your joints and bones strong. Plus tt’s one of the best stress relievers.
4.       Sleep right
An average adult needs to have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep. This is important to your health and wellbeing because when you sleep your body regenerates.
Turn your mobile devices off at night and avoid caffeine after 6:00 PM. Electromagnetic toxicity is harmful, do not sleep with your phone near your head. To diminish EMF fields try using cell phone protectors.

5.       Hydrate
Drink plenty of water between meals and drink half of your body weight in measurement of ounces every day.

6.       Check food labels
Avoid hydrogenated oils and iodized salt. Look for healthier options, such as sun-dried salt or solar salt.

7.       Avoid junk food and alcohol.
Sodas, chips, muffins, granola bars, desserts and potatoes are extremely high in sugar and starch which contains carbohydrate, calories and artificial sweeteners. Alcohol contains pure calories and pure carbohydrates. It causes poor sleep and makes your blood sugar unstable.
Follow these 7 tips to ensure that you live a long, healthier life. You will feel the difference when you practice them regularly. Take the first step to a healthier new you!