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How Safe Is a Wheel Chair Ramp?

Have you ever discovered how difficult it is to access a building using stairs when moving a cart, strollers or other wheeled objects? Obvious yes, and that is where portable wheelchair ramps kick in. Portable wheelchair ramps are inclined planes kept on stairs to help people moving carts, strollers or people on wheel chairs to […]

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Looking After Your Body

Hygiene stands at the heart of our bodies’ safety and well-being against diseases and infections, touching on our innermost aspect of confidence and feeling free when interacting with others which by far facilitates the way we relate with others. Hygiene is a broad topic concerning diverse parts of our bodies and seasons but this is […]

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Is Addiction Just a Matter of Choice?

Watching TV, you’d think the whole country is addicted to something: drugs, food, gambling — even sex or shopping. “The United States has elevated addiction to a national icon. It’s our symbol, it’s our excuse,” says Stanton Peele, author of The Diseasing of America. There are conflicting views about addiction and popular treatments. So, we […]

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