Do You Suffer From Headaches At Home? It Could Be Your Mopping Method

For those of us who spend a lot of time and dedication in keeping ourselves healthy sadly, we cant help but feel under the weather sometimes and not know what may be the cause of the illness. A good example is rogue headaches that seem to appear out of absolutely nowhere and take over our heads plummeting us into a downward spiral for the rest of the day. I used to fall victim to these quite often until I came to the shocking realization of what was actually causing them.

Believe it or not, it was my mop! Well, not my mop exactly but the way i was mopping and the chemicals i was using. I always mopped my floor using a loop mop and a bucket of water with chemicals, its how I was brought up and shown how to clean a floor so i never knew any better. It was hard to detect what the cause of the headaches was because it seemed to always hit me after I cleaned at a time when I was busy with something else and had long forgotten about the cleaning I had done earlier. Anyway, how I eventually found out what was causing the headaches was quite funny and lucky I guess.

We had our water cut off due to maintenance so in order to still be able to clean the floor I had to research how I could clean my floor without a bucket of water. Thats when I stumbled upon a Temples Pride microfiber mop that claimed it did not need chemicals or loads of water like a traditional mop. Well, after mopping the floor without chemicals for 4 days I realized that I was not getting any headaches anymore!

Its shocking to realize how many fumes and horrible chemicals I was breathing in while using my old style of mopping. This new method not only saves water but also can do its cleaning job without chemicals. Not to mention that the pads are machine washable as well. Im surprised that I had never heard about a microfiber mop before. I am thrilled because I have not had a single headache caused by chemicals since the day I stopped using a bucket of water and loop mop to clean my floors. This new method of mopping has really made things so much easier for me, not to mention how much easier it is on the environment as well.