When An Uber Driver Causes An Accident Due To Distracted Driving

As ridesharing services become more popular, the chances of being involved in an accident with an Uber vehicle have increased. While there can be many reasons why these accidents occur, one that is quite common is when the Uber driver is distracted due to talking or texting on a cellphone. When this is the case, it is vital victims who are filing a car accident claim work with an Uber accident attorney who specializes in these cases. By doing so, it is much more likely they will be able to gain the compensation they deserve.

Documenting Injuries

When involved in an accident where an Uber driver was distracted, it is important to seek treatment for your injuries immediately. If you don’t, insurance companies will be able to argue that you were not seriously injured in the accident or perhaps not injured at all. Therefore, since head, neck, and back injuries are very common in these accidents, always seek immediate medical treatment and have all injuries documented in your medical records.

Photos of the Accident

When filing a claim for your injuries or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, having photos of the accident scene can prove pivotal in helping you win your case. If possible, take photos of many aspects of the scene, including:

  • Damage to vehicles
  • Damage to personal property destroyed in the accident
  • Skid marks on road
  • Traffic signals and nearby stop signs or speed limit signs

By having photos of the accident scene, your car accident attorney can use these to help develop a strong legal case in your favor. In addition, your lawyer can give these photos to experts trained in accident reconstruction, who can then piece together aspects of the crash to prove the Uber driver was at fault.

Sticking to the Facts

Even though Uber has a $1 million insurance policy to protect victims in crashes involving their vehicles, chances are the company will not be eager to pay out damages to help cover your medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. As a result, representatives from the company may contact you in an effort to trick you into saying something that implies their driver was not at fault. Rather than make this critical mistake, simply stick to the facts of what happened and refer any communication from the insurance company to your experienced and knowledgeable car accident lawyer.

Pay Attention

If you were a passenger in the Uber vehicle, pay attention to what your driver is doing while behind the wheel. For example, if you notice the driver using their cellphone, use your own cellphone to make a video recording of their actions. By doing so, your Uber accident attorney will have irrefutable evidence to use when pursuing your car accident claim.

If you are injured due to an Uber driver who was distracted while behind the wheel, don’t attempt to handle your claim on your own. Instead, schedule a consultation with a car accident attorney who specializes in these cases.