How Safe Is a Wheel Chair Ramp?

Have you ever discovered how difficult it is to access a building using stairs when moving a cart, strollers or other wheeled objects? Obvious yes, and that is where portable wheelchair ramps kick in.
Portable wheelchair ramps are inclined planes kept on stairs to help people moving carts, strollers or people on wheel chairs to get in a building or car. They are usually kept on the stairs for short time usage then removed. They are made of light weight aluminum and are designed to allow folding, which makes them easy to move around with.

Portable wheelchair ramps are available in different sizes, colours, and materials. They are safe, depending on various factors such as type, width, weight capacity, handrails, and ramp angle. When purchasing one, consider the limitations of the disabled person. A manual wheelchair requires strength to go up the ramp; hence, it should not be too high. If it is an electric chair, then it can accommodate such. It must have drainage holes to prevent water collection on its surface that may cause an accident.

The size of a wheelchair and floor space determine the length of the ramp. The surface should be safe and stable to prevent accidents. Its length determines the ramp angle. The appropriate suggested length by experts is one foot long for an inch. Adequate floor space enables the ramp
to fit perfectly. It should not be too long either to minimise motion time. The landing space must be wide enough to accommodate the wheelchair. Levelled floors enhance safety.

The different types of ramps include; doorway, shower, exterior access, and threshold ramps. Door ramps are those placed at the entrance of a building. They allow easy access to a specific location. Shower ramps are concrete for the bathroom. They are often small and short and may blend with the bathroom floor. Exterior access ramps are extended and provide mobility in and out of a home. Threshold ramps are quick and easy to fix. They give a slight raise at the door to ensure a smooth transition between rooms in case of a difference in floor height.

Portable ramp models include bi-folding, multi-folding, solid wheelchair ramps, and suitcase. The bi-folding one locks into two halves firmly. It is light but durable. Also, its installation is easy where needed. The Multi-folding ramp is quite uncommon. It can fold to half its length and width hence can conveniently be carried in small spaces. Suitcase ramps are single-fold and are suitable for stairs, cars, and trucks. A stable wheelchair provides temporary or permanent access, especially at home. Its advantage is that it can stand different weather conditions.