Pharmacy Technician Training

The basic education requirement for a pharmacy technician is a high school diploma. Depending on the employer, an on-the-job training or passing the licensure exams might also be required. Pharmacy technician training can give you an advantage over others when applying for a job. It can help you get more interviews and even get a higher starting pay than those who dont have training. Here, we will try to answer some questions people ask regarding this training.

What is the training for?

Training programs for pharmacy technicians are implemented to develop certain skills required at work. As a certified pharmacy tech, you serve as a bridge between pharmacists, insurance companies, doctors and patients.

Basically, your job is to perform technical stuff to aid a pharmacist. You will be receiving and verifying prescriptions, as well as prepare medications for patients.

The training will teach you standard practices and knowledge needed in the performance of pharmacy-related functions. This will specifically teach you how to:

* Provide medications and other health products to patients
* Package and label medicinal bottles
* Receive prescriptions electronically sent to your office by medical institutions
* Manage computer files related to prescriptions
* Verify accuracy of prescriptions
* Inventory stocks (for both prescription drugs and OTC medications)
* Receive requests pertaining to refills of prescriptions
* Deliver proper customer service
* Do your best to avoid legal liabilities

Is training available online?

Training programs are not only available in your area; they are also offered online. Many prefer this option as they can complete courses without having to attend physical classes. They can also tailor their training schedule to fit perfectly into their own private schedules.

Will it prepare me for the certification exam?

The answer is definitely yes. It will not only prepare you for a certification exam but it will also be helpful if you are also preparing for the licensure exam. For this, check out the accreditation obtainable through the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the US Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and see if the training school you are eyeing is connected with them.

A complete training program covers pharmacy math, biology, pharmacy terminology, medical law and ethics, and pharmacology.

How much does the training cost?

Prices for training programs vary from school to school and the type of the program. The range would be from $400 – $3000. The huge variance accounts for whether the class is conducted in a physical classroom or online.

You also consider the kind of program offered and the expertise of the instructors. If the school has been around for quite a time now, expect higher fees.

How long does it last?

The length of time to finish a program also varies, and is usually dependent on the kind of program being offered. Some programs can be completed in 3 months while others take over a year to finish.

When choosing a training program, give yourself time so you can pick the one thats right for you and will be most beneficial in the attainment of your goals. The future of the industry is rosy, so plan your steps very carefully.