Interesting Facts On Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, vapor cigarettes or e-cigs, are the terms referring to an electronic gadget that is handheld. It turns flavoured e-liquid or e-juices into vapor. This vapor is then inhaled, mostly to satisfy the users craving for nicotine.

The use of e-cigarettes, called vaping, is a fairly new phenomenon which is fast securing the attention of a number of long-time smokers of tobacco cigarettes. A report from UBS Securities LLC, reports that sales in the e-cigarette trade reached five hundred million dollars by 2012 and could quadruple by 2019.

Electronic cigarettes are fast becoming a preferable substitute to deliver nicotine for many smokers. This is due to the fact that they look, taste and feel realistic when compared to tobacco cigarettes and you can read about it at In addition, quite a number of cigarette smokers have chosen vaping due to the fact that vendors of e-cigarettes have sold them as being a more affordable, smokeless and safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes, as well as a tool that could possibly assist them to quit smoking altogether.

A number of cigarettes could be smoked when going out with friends but electronic cigarettes are a much healthier option compared to tobacco cigarettes. The majority of e-liquids available for e-cigarettes have varying levels of nicotine, from zero to levels that are higher.

An atomized cartridge is usually referred to as a “cartomizer”. They are either purchased containing e-liquid or it may also be purchased “blank”, which means it has to be filled by the customer. Some electronic cigarettes actually look like original tobacco cigarettes.

Vape is a further name for the delivery of nicotine electronically, e-cigarettes or personal vaporizers. It is the action of vapor inhalation through a vaporiser from e-liquid. To be able to vape, an atomizer is required, also the e-liquid, an inhaler piece, as well as a battery.

Approximately ten years ago, electronic cigarettes lasted more or less for 1 – 2 hours only if the battery was charged fully. Although, light and small, they were not effective. Also, herb vaporizers were mammoth table top pieces of equipment, needing power from the mains to work. Even the thought of a vaporizer that was portable was thought of as science fiction.

The design and manufacture of e-cigarettes was to replace tobacco cigarettes. Although they offer the same purpose, the inhalation of nicotine, e-cigarettes do so in a way that’s totally different.

Electronic cigarettes are comprised of e-pens, e-hooka, e-pipes as well as e-cigars and are collectively called nicotine delivery systems which are electronic. As stated by the FDA, electronic cigarettes are devices which enable users to breathe in an aerosol which contains either nicotine or another substance.

Electronic cigarettes have fluid cartridges that are vaporised. The fluid in this cartridge basically has dissolved nicotine, flavors as well as solvents. In the majority of e-cigarettes, the cartridge containing the fluid is refillable. A battery gives power to a heating element; this then vaporizes the liquid. The bigger sized one offers extra nicotine fluid and larger batteries.

Electronic cigarettes were not available in the first part of the 1960’s. Cigarette companies were in no hurry to establish a cigarette alternative in those days, although they are without a doubt a very good idea. Advertising of cigarettes was still allowed on TV and people were also allowed to smoke anywhere in public.

From scientific research done to date, it has been established that e-cigarettes are a good deal safer than tobacco cigarettes and that they offer substantially less chance of causing lung cancer, obstructive lung disease and other cancers. It has also been recently established from new evidence that there is a lower risk of developing heart disease as well. That said, it is however imperative that more research is undertaken to establish if there may be any adverse long-term effects. What has been ascertained is that e-cigs are a lot safer than original cigarettes.

It is correct to say that the majority of adverse health effects are not derived from nicotine. It is a known fact that because e-cigarettes offer nicotine but not the vast amount of other chemicals and none of the other sixty or more known carcinogens, it is without doubt that e-cigarettes are a great deal safer than regular cigarettes.

Conversely, e-cigarettes, a.k.a. vaping products, do not involve the burning of substances as they don’t contain tobacco. Alternatively, electronic cigarette products contain liquid that mostly (not always), contains nicotine. The vapor created by the heating element results in the liquid turning into a vapor which is inhaled via a mouthpiece. There is therefore no smoke as there is no combustion.

We can compare the unfinished listing of chemicals found in regular cigarettes with the chemical list found in e-cigarette vapor. The electronic cigarette list is a great deal shorter. They are used in medications, cosmetics and also food items. Propylene glycol but no Ethylene glycol, known to be toxic, is put into asthma inhalers as well as nebulizers. An animal experiment that was carried out determined that air which contained these vapors with amounts to saturation point, were totally harmless.